How to use doubletree picking input from textarea


Can anyone help me in providing sample for fetching node and link details from textarea for doubletree please same like the state chart provided in samples.
As shown in below link

Under what circumstances do you want to get the data?

Have you read GraphObject Manipulation or GoJS Data Binding -- Northwoods Software ?

Hi Walter,

Thanks for your reply.
Data will be fetched from database and passed as value to the tree model. When user makes changes to the node or link by clicking them, then the changes will be updated in db and updated data to be returned back to the model.

When trying double tree with json , i am facing a issue with data refresh as updating same json file with new data is not reflecting on refresh and it’s showing only old data in the model. Because of this each time new json file has to be created as only with new json file name it’s getting refreshed.

So instead of json file thought of fetching data from db to textarea and refreshing the diagram for which unable to find correct format to be placed in text area.

Could you please help me in this.

It is customary not to save the JSON-formatted text into a file, nor to save the JSON in a <textarea> on the HTML page.

Instead the JSON-formatted text is sent directly to the server using XMLHttpRequest (or a different communication mechanism) and received from the server when there is a successful response.

There aren’t any examples of this because that would depend entirely on the protocols that your web app has established, and GoJS is an entirely client-side technology. (Although it can run on the server.)

Actually, I take that back – the GoCloudStorage extensions demonstrate sending and receiving GoJS models serialized in JSON format to and from various cloud storage services. GoJS Storage -- Northwoods Software