How to use parameterized SVG images

We use SVG images with parameters. In order to use them properly, I need to use an “object” tag, which invokes JavaScript processing of SVG file. If I try to set a reference to such an image object by setting picture.element, I am getting an error: “Picture.element must be an instance of Image, Canvas, or Video”.
Is there a way to use parameterized SVG images with GOJS?

Can you give me a full example of this SVG?

Sorry for the delay. I was trying to get specific examples of parameterized SVGs from people who have been working on it, but so far without success. I understand my question sounds fuzzy with W3 SVG Parameters proposals seems to be in limbo and different possible ways of coding such parameterization. My preliminary design approach is to implement a pre-processor for such images on the server side.

SVG Parameters

I see.

Drawing SVG as images is still very new on the canvas, and there are known issues in both Firefox and IE. In general GoJS can draw anything that the HTML Canvas can draw on its own, but if its broken or not-implemented with canvas’ own drawImage, then GoJS cannot do it.

Let us know if you find examples that work in a regular canvas that you need to get working in GoJS.