How to zoom in,zoom out,zoom 100%,autofit

I have zoom in,zoom out,zoom 100%,autofit buttons in my tool strip. on click of zoom in,goview increases,on click zoom out,goview decreases,on click zoom 100%, goview 100 % size.on click auto fit, no scrol for goview.pls i need the above code…

if any one knows, kindly give reply for this code

From the documentation from GoView.RescaleToFit()

 Calling this method will not necessarily cause the scroll bars to
 disappear, because the scroll bars normally show the extent of the
 document, which is normally greater than the extent of the actual
 objects in the document.

 This method does not modify the size and position of the view's document.
 Depending on your application, you may wish to shrink the size of the document
 in order to cause the scroll bars to disappear.

      goView1.Document.Bounds = goView1.ComputeDocumentBounds();