I have gojs licene but i don’t know what i will do with.

Did you follow the instructions given in the email message?

but i send a faulty domain.
how can i change that?

Send an email to GoSales at stating your order number and which domain you requested before, and someone will reset the counter so that you can request again at our web site.

Can we add many domain on one key licence?

Yes, that’s possible, you should email sales about licensing.

Hi Walter,

I am trying to use license key in my angular gojs library project to remove the watermark, but I am getting following error:

I have tried both ways inside constructor()–>

go.licenseKey = “YourKeyHere”; —> Error-you cannot assign value to readonly.

(go as any).licenseKey = “YourKeyHere”; --> Error-reassignment build error.

Can you please help me to remove watermark from project? I have licence key of gojs.

I assume you are talking about a component constructor. What precisely is the error message?

Also, how are you importing the GoJS library?

Besides this:

    (go as any).licenseKey = "...";

in version 2 you could also try:

import * as go from "gojs";
. . .
    go.Diagram.licenseKey = "...";


import { Diagram } from "gojs";
. . .
    Diagram.licenseKey = "...";

Yes Walter. I am talking about component constructor. I am using gojs-1.8.34 version for angular application and I have imported gojs as “import * as go from ‘gojs’;” in my application.
I have tried 4 different ways to declare license key in constructor:
Method 1 - (go as any).licenseKey = “…”;
Error 1 - BUILD ERROR Illegal reassignment to import ‘go’
Method 2 - go.licenseKey = “…”;
Error 2- Cannot assign to ‘licenseKey’ because it is a read-only property.
Method 3 - go.Diagram.licenseKey = “…”;
Error 3 - Property ‘licenseKey’ does not exist on type ‘typeof Diagram’.
Method 4 - Diagram.licenseKey = “…”;
Error 4 - Property ‘licenseKey’ does not exist on type ‘typeof Diagram’.

Can you please tell me where exactly I am doing mistake?

Well, if you are using version 1.8, the latter two errors are correct, because we only added a settable Diagram.licenseKey static property in version 2.0.

But the first two errors do not make any sense to me. For the first, you are not even trying to modify the “go” variable. That statement should have worked. And for the second, I’m wondering if there is some other “go” declaration. Or maybe you are not using the go.d.ts definitions file that comes with the GoJS libraries in the gojs/release directory.

Hi Walter,
I am using go.d.ts definition only and its come inside gojs/release directory. When I tried to import as “import * as go from ‘gojs/release’;” that time I am getting following error:
"Cannot find module ‘gojs/release’ ".

Can you please help me to resolve this issue? Being licence key I am not able to remove watermark from my design.

Normally, import * as go from 'gojs' should work. But perhaps you have everything configured differently.

If you want to specify a specific path, you need to use a relative path, starting with ./.

Hi Walter,

My entire gojs design is working fine by using import * as go from 'gojs . Only license key is not working. Is there any another way where we can share the screen or communicate directly?
My official email address is in my profile.