How will I create my own Icon

Hi All Please inform me , How will I create my own Icon or Symbols. Means some time I have to create 1. Symbol like Mobile Phone 2. Symbol like City Bus 3. Symbol like Well 4. Symbol like solid earth. Anything which I want to create. Is it possible with GoDiagram??? and after creating symbol. I have to put some Animation on it and after that store that Animated Picture on a disk. Is it Possible??? well waiting for your replies......... Thanks, Arun

It’s probably easiest to use or adapt images that you can find on the web. Or hire a graphic designer to create exactly what you want.

I think what he means is how do you literally make nodes based on your own icons. Being the uber newb here as well, this is what I am doing to create my own Icon nodes, Walter please tell me if I’m on the right track here. In the Processor demo, on the Palette section of the form there is this piece of code

ActivityNode start = new ActivityNode();
start.Initialize(null, "star.gif", "Start");
start.ActivityType = ActivityType.Start;
Which calls the class ActivityNode which extends the GoIconicNode class. This inherits the Initialize method which does the following


Provides the ResourceManager holding an Image resource named by iconname. If this parameter is null, DefaultResourceManager is used instead.
The name of the Image resource in the ResourceManager given by res, or else a file name if no resource manager can be used (i.e., when both res is null and DefaultResourceManager is null).
The initial string value for the Label. If this value is null, no label is created for this node.
So, you want to extend the GoIconicNode class and reference your path Icon in the iconname param. Hope this helps.

That’s right. But you don’t even have to define a subclass of GoIconicNode if you don’t want to.

[code] GoIconicNode in2 = new GoIconicNode();
in2.Initialize(null, "doc.gif", "doc");
in2.Position = new PointF(30, 40);