Hyperlink for any nodes in incremental diagram

How can I add hyperlinks on nodes in incremental diagram for JS.

You might want to use the HyperlinkText builder that is defined in [EDIT: now an extension] https://gojs.net/latest/extensions/Hyperlink.html and https://gojs.net/latest/extensions/HyperlinkText.js.

We’re thinking about adding this to the extensions, and maybe building it into the library. Comments are welcome.

Thankful. I succeeded to all nodes via the code below, I produce a link to another page.

{ font: “12pt sans-serif”, margin: 5 },
new go.Binding(“text”, “key”)),
cursor: “pointer”,
click: function(e, obj) { window.open(encodeURIComponent(obj.part.data.text)); }

I put the page address in the text field of a node, for example:a.html and etc.
But now I am faced with a new challenge. I would like for each node of a tag and not know it.

Sorry. I said the wrong that I want to use A tag for each node But I’m going to click on the seal to open a modal nodes, but I do not know how to code it would connect each node.

I’m sorry, but I am still not understanding your intent.

So you want a click on a Node (not just on a TextBlock) to do something? What exactly?

Maybe what you want to do is already implemented in the Euler Diagram sample: http://gojs.net/latest/samples/euler.html

Sorry Walter.
I could click on any node to an address lookup, similar to what you’re referring to the link below.

Now I want to click on one or more of the nodes in the incremental Tree can I open a modal. Similar to what is done in the following link to click on a button opens the Modal.


You can do whatever you want in your GraphObject.click event handler.

Showing a modal dialog is just HTML and JavaScript, and how you do it depends on which HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework, if any, that you are using. If you are using Bootstrap, you can follow their advice for how to do it.

Thanks Walter.
Is it possible that you provide an example?

Implementing examples of HTML functionality that has nothing to do with GoJS is beyond our responsibility. I don’t even know what frameworks or platforms you are using. And if you are using Bootstrap, I am not familiar with it, so I could not help you anyway.

Besides, modal dialogs are generally considered undesirable in good user interfaces.