Hyperlink nodes/controls in GoSilverlight


I would like to know whether GoSilverlight supports hyperlinks( on clicking them, we should be able to navigate to the some other predefined diagram)? If it supports , can anyone give some insights on how can I do this in GoSilverlight?
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Would the HyperlinkButton control suit your purposes?

<HyperlinkButton Content="GO!" Background="White" NavigateUri="http://www.nwoods.com" />

Perhaps this would not be appropriate if your application isn’t navigable. In this case you can implement your own Button and Button.Click behavior to replace the Diagram.Model with whatever you want to show.

Using the above HyperlinkButton can I able to navigate to other diagram model rather than a site. I mean navigation from a diagram to another diagram upon clicking certain control?

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Just add a Button to your node template, such as:
<Button Content=“View” … Click=“Button_Click” />

Or you could handle the mouse up event on an existing element:
<… MouseLeftButtonUp=“Button_Click” />

The event handler would do:
private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {
var model = … create and initialize new model …
myDiagram.Model = model; // replace existing model

But if we do this way the existing model is replaced with a new model right,then what if we want to navigate back to the main diagram?

Well, you could replace the Diagram.Model yet again with the original model. You could even maintain a stack of such models. But replacing models does lose context such as selection and DiagramPanel.Position and Scale.

I suggested replacing the model because it seemed you didn’t want to support navigation in your application. Silverlight Navigation Overview