Hyperlink / pop up in context menu

I’m trying to use the context menu as a “details view” for nodes within a organization chat and would like to have a hyperlink to open a popup form the context menu for more detailed report.
I’m not sure what to use or how to do this using goes since most of what I’ve read, and tried, it doesn’t support HTML elements.

Also, this URL will be within the Json in the modal.

Thank you for your help with this


Have you looked at samples like HTML Interaction or Data Visualization?

are there any other solutions other than using jQuery UI?
i ask due to the requirement of jQuery UI requiring jQuery v1.6 or higher and we cannot upgrade from jQuery 1.3 at this time.

Some of our samples were written to depend on jQuery UI because that seemed to be the most requested option. But there’s no requirement to use jQuery – you don’t need to use any JavaScript framework at all. Use whatever HTML and JavaScript you are comfortable using. For example, that Data Visualization sample does not use jQuery or anything else – just some simple JavaScript generating HTML.

thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
i was able to create the link i needed.