How can I add hyperlinks on nodes in GoDiagram Web for Asp.net 1.1

Basically you handle a GoView.ObjectSingleClicked event or you override GoObject.OnSingleClick to redirect the http response to the URL you want. This is demonstrated in GoWebIntro.doc, pages 14-15.

I am sorry I was not clear with my question.
I want to pop up a url i.e. no server side interaction when they click on the node.

In the simplest case, you can just set:
goView1.DataRenderer.LabeledNodeSingleClick = “NodeClicked()”;
where you define that JavaScript function as:
function NodeClicked() {
return false;
That “return false;” causes the click event not to be passed on to the server.
But other mouse events, such as drags and context clicks, will still be passed on to the server. You can avoid that by:
goView1.DataRenderer.NoClick = “false”;
If you need different or additional data on the client, besides the “Text” property for nodes, you’ll need to customize the DataRenderer by overriding GoViewDataRenderer.GetStandardPartInfo or by overriding GoObject.GetPartInfo on your node class.