I can't change Document.IsModified

Normally, I can change Document.IsModified in a GoView inherited class.
But in somewhere in the class, I can’t change it.
The code’s too long to show it
Tell me reasons.

You didn’t say, but I assume you are having problems setting GoDocument.IsModified to false.
Although you should be able to set GoDocument.IsModified at any time, the value of GoDocument.IsModified will continue to be true as long as there have been changes made to the document, as recorded by the UndoManager.
Any modifications to a GoDocument or one of its parts will result in setting GoDocument.IsModified to true and in adding a GoChangedEventArgs to the GoUndoManager.CurrentEdit list, which records all of the changes for undo/redo.
Since you are using an UndoManager, you should be making all changes within a transaction. After finishing or aborting the transaction, you can set GoDocument.IsModified to false, and then it will remain false until another change is made to the document.

I did like that.
But I can’t change it to false