I have license for version 1.7.15. Water mark is displayed in 1.7.8

I have license Go.js 1.7 version. currently we are using Go.js 1.7.15 version. I want to activate the version 1.7.8 instead of using 1.7.15. The below activation links show latest version number.(1.7.16)
Product Activation . we have to deployment in client place. Is possible get Activate version1.7.8.

Please provide your suggestion.

You can append &version= to request a specific version.


I should have mentioned this before, but the license key string that you get will work for all versions with the same major and minor numbers. In this case all versions 1.7.*.

That means that if you want to update your GoJS library to get some bug fix, you don’t have to do anything except get a newer JS file from anywhere you can, as described at: Download GoJS

And if you want an older version, everything is at: