I have question about how to load .json file

Hi, Everyone

I have question about “how to load .json file into object on go.js”?

I trying with this but “error uncaughted”

<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> var nodeDataArray ;
<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”>
<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> $.getJSON(‘json/file.json’, function(response)
<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> {
<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> nodeDataArray = response;
<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> })

Thanks to help me :)

You do not say what the error is nor what code is issuing the error.

It sounds like this is just a jQuery programming problem, not a GoJS problem. I think you need to call fail on the jQuery promise. I recommend that you read the jQuery documentation for more information and advice.

Ok, clear my problem

Yes you right my problem in jquery to load .json. Many thank you suggest :)