I want to add a new template but is the linkTemplate

Good Morning. I have a problem. I already have a “linkTemplate”. How can I add another template? as well as be done to myDiagram.nodeTemplateMap.add.
I have to design all the links in the class diagrams. generalization, composition, etc. I have the majority but I need to do the dependency

Use Diagram.linkTemplateMap to specify multiple named templates for links. Then in the GraphLinksModel.linkDataArray link data objects you can specify a category that names the template that should be used to represent that link.

Please read GoJS Template Maps -- Northwoods Software, although that talks about node templates rather than link templates.

Also, search the samples for uses of “linkTemplateMap”.

Thank you, but I already found the solution.
At first use the myDiagram.linkTemplateMap.add as follows

//    myDiagram.linkTemplateMap.add("dependency",
//            GO(go.Link,
//                    {
//                        relinkableFrom: true,
//                        relinkableTo: true,
//                        reshapable: true,
//                        routing: go.Link.Orthogonal, /curve: go.Link.JumpOver,/
//                        corner: 5, toShortLength: 2},
//                    new go.Binding("points").makeTwoWay(),
//                    /* Esta parte de aquí es para la modificación del recorrido */
//                    GO(go.Shape, {isPanelMain: true, stroke: "black", strokeWidth: 1, scale: 1, strokeDashArray: [5, 10]},
//                            new go.Binding("fromArrow", "relationship", convertFromArrow)),
//                    /* Esta parte de aquí es para la modificación de la punta */
//                    GO(go.Shape, {scale: 1.3, fill: "write"},
//                            new go.Binding("toArrow", "relationship", convertToArrow))
//                    ));

I didn’t think it was right until I added a go.Binding.

Ah, so are you saying that you didn’t need separate templates after all? OK.

By the way, are you familiar with the GoJS BPMN sample? BPMN Editor That uses four different link templates.

In fact, if I needed it, but once I found the way I saved code no longer.
That example if I saw but does not show me the code.