I want to display helpline based on the node port not part

actually , I want to know whether it’s possible show helpline based on the port not part.
basically I want to display helpline when two port are align for the nodes.

You’ll need to modify the GuidedDraggingTool to do what you want. That’s at https://gojs.net/latest/extensions/GuidedDraggingTool.js or at https://gojs.net/latest/extensionsTS/GuidedDraggingTool.ts

Could you show a screenshot of what you want? It would be useful to see how the ports are arranged in your nodes.

Hi Walter,
whatever you have provide I have already implemented basically we can display the helpline based on the part. but instead of part I want based on the port.
let say in the below image If I have two nodes and both the nodes having ports.node size is different both the nodes
now when I will drag the other node helpline should be visible based on the port.

but logically port is also the part of the node, so that’s what I am asking is it achievable or not.

Hi Walter,
this is very urgent requirement just want to know whether its possible or not , I want to enable helpline based on the port.

Yes, this is easily achievable. Just modify the GuidedDraggingTool code.

Hi Walter,
can you give me little bit hit which function I need to modified for ports.

Yes, I’ll do that soon after you have done your part.