I want to fix the location or position of parent node

Hi there !
I have made a tree view in goJS. I am also sharing a screenshot for better clarification. I can expand and minimize the nodes in this but the issue is that when I click the minimize button of parent Node it moves in left direction automatically. I am trying to resolve this issue from many days but found nothing. I just want to fix the location of parent node so that it should not move. Can anybody help me in this scenario so that I can fix the position of parent node and it should move never from it’s position.

Are you only talking about the collapsing the root node? If so, try setting the TreeLayout.arrangement property to go.TreeLayout.ArrangementFixedRoots.

you are a great man walter . I was trying to do it from one week but I never succeeded . Your help means a lot for me . You made my day … May God help you in your all hardships of life … Thank you so much …