I want to freeze diagram's movement on keypress

Can anyone help how to freeze the diagram ? currently it moves with left right arrow keys…

see GoView Property GoViewDisableKeys.

e.g. view.GoViewDisableKeys = GoViewDisableKeys.ArrowMove;

it didn’t work, but

did the job..
And ur help guided me to do the right thing...thx
One more query from my side - how can we do same job with mouse scroll, i.e. to freeze the diagram on mouse scroll ?

public class NoScrollToolManager : GoToolManager {
public NoScrollToolManager(GoView v) : base(v) { }

public override void DoMouseWheel() {

Install this custom tool as the default tool, as follows:

goView1.DefaultTool = new NoScrollToolManager (goView1);

i freezed the diagram by setting

GoViewDisableKeys.ArrowScroll ,
but user is not accepting, says he user must be able to use up and down arrow keys to scroll up and down and should NOT be able to use left and right keys to scroll horizontally.
So, is it possible to use up/down keys for vertical scroll and DISABLE left/right keys for horizontal scroll ?
If yes, then how can i do that ?

can i trap key press for arrow keys ? and know which method is being called to move the diagram on pressing left key…

Your user is much too fussy…

Check out this post… slightly different purpose, but gives you the framework for the GoToolManager replacement you need. Navigating GoGroups that are in GoBoxNode

i m not getting the reference to ClassDiagramNodeItem while i use the code mentioned in above link in my application Cry.

while i have successfully freezed the diagram on mouse scroll as told by you, and simultaneously i m able to the same with up/down keys.
but the TASK now i have to do is to allow vertical scrolling of the diagram using up/down key press ? ANY IDEA to do thisConfused

Right. All you want is the “framework” of the code in that note, not the entire thing. The idea is to create your own GoToolManager that overrides DoKeyDown. Then you can handle the scroll keys the way you want to.