I want to scroll to the specific part of a Node

I want to get the specific part of a part(i.e, node)

const firstPart = diagram.findPartForKey(“”);

// To get the specific part

const part = firstPart.findObject(“name”); // This returns a GraphObject

diagram.commandHandler.scrollToPart(part) // This throws an error as “part” is a GraphObject

I have tried using scrollToRect

diagram.scrollToRect(part.getDocumentBounds()); // This works only when the tree is expanded

We are using a tree layout and we have an option to collapse some nodes ( like loop nodes). scrollToRect is able to scroll to a specific part of a node if the tree is expanded. But if the tree is collapsed, scrollToRect isn’t scrolling to the specific part.

Actually, the CommandHandler.scrollToPart command will automatically expand a tree in order to “get to” the given Node.

It also performs an animation during the (possibly) repeated expansions.

I’m able to scroll to the node using diagram.commandHandler.scrollToPart(firstPart), but I want to scroll to specific part of a node. Are there any methods which I could use, that returns the Specific Part. I have tried using Part.findObject and it is returning a GraphObject and with GraphObject.getDocumentBounds couldn’t able to use scrollToPart

Well, I suppose you could call CommandHandler.scrollToPart and then when then animation is finished you could call Diagram.scrollToRect. (I’m assuming animation is still enabled.)

Assuming you have done: myDiagram.addDiagramListener("AnimationFinished", onAnimationFinished)
which would do something like:

var myNode = null;
function onAnimationFinished(e) {
  if (!myNode) return;
  myNode = null;
  const elt = myNode.findObject("name");
  if (!elt) return;
  const b = elt.getDocumentBounds();

Then when you want to call CommandHandler.scrollToPart do something like:

function showNode() {
  // pick a Node at random
  const arr = myDiagram.model.nodeDataArray;
  const data = arr[Math.floor(Math.ceil(Math.random() * arr.length))];
  const node = myDiagram.findNodeForData(data);
  if (node) {
    myNode = node;