Iconic node port behavior

We have a group node, the single port of which we would like to behave much as does that of a GoIconicNode. We have not however been able to duplicate the inbound and outbound link behavior of a GoIconicNode, even after trying to clone the behavior by looking at port properties in the debugger. The port is centered behind a bitmap image, and our links often do not originate or terminate as nicely as they do in the Go version; for example a link may be drawn on top of the image. Is there some source we could look at to get an idea of how to configure this port properly?

Here’s the definition of GoIconicNode.CreatePort:
protected virtual GoPort CreatePort() {
GoPort p = new GoPort();
p.Style = GoPortStyle.None;
p.Size = new SizeF(6, 6);
p.FromSpot = NoSpot;
p.ToSpot = NoSpot;
p.PortObject = this;
return p;
Probably the concept you missed was setting GoPort.PortObject. You can also set it to just be the Icon, if you want links to cross over the Label.