Ideal symbol (image) file format

I am involved with a project to develop a schmatic drawing tool using GoDiagram.
This tool will support the drag and drop of various symbols from a library (representing engineering components - pump, pipe, orifice, valve etc.) onto the drawing area.
My question is what type of file should we use for these symbols so that they remain crisp & sharp on the schematic, even when under high zoom level?
So far w have tried bmp, jpg, png etc. but none of them are particularly great - especially when zoomed.
Ideally we would like to use a vector graphic - does GoDiagram support this type of symbol (or image)?

You have only tried raster graphics files. Have you tried .WMF or .EMF files?
Alternatively, you can construct what you want using GoShapes, perhaps a GoGroup of GoShapes.

Hi Walter,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes we have tried .WMF and while it is probably the best to date. It is however still blurred when high zoom level is used. I do not think I we have experimented with EMF yet so we will try it soon.
Do you have a simple editor I could use for making symbols from native Go objects?

Hmmm, I had tried a WMF file that I knew had been drawn using vectors. It was drawn using PowerPoint, I believe. Perhaps the WMF file you tried just contains a bitmap? Try editing it with your favorite Microsoft drawing tool.
GoImage.Paint just calls Graphics.DrawImage for the .Bounds, so we aren’t caching some small/low-resolution bitmap.

I believe our developer is using a GoImage.Createbitmap method in the code. Could this be the problem and if so can you explain how we should rework this?

There is no GoImage.Createbitmap method. There’s no Image.CreateBitmap method either. So I have no idea of what your developer is doing.
Just set:
aGoImage.Name = “something.wmf”

Oops, that’ll teach me to try and remember what I caught a glimpse off over the developers shoulder!
Thanks for the advice regarding aGoImage.Name - I’ll ask if we use that.