Ignore part for node alignment

Hi, is there a way to ignore a part in the node template for aligning the node in a given location.
Here is a screen with two nodes without the text part in the node template. both nodes have same x value and located exactly one on top of the other.

When I add the text panels the text panels are aligned but the circles aren’t

I would like that the circles will be aligned and not the text.
Here is a screen shot of the node template.

I can’t tell what your nodeStyle() function returns. I think you want it to return:

[ . . .,
    locationSpot: go.Spot.Center,
    locationObjectName: "DIAMOND"

And you need to give your “Diamond” Shape that name:

  $(go.Shape, "Diamond",
    { name: "DIAMOND", desiredSize: . . . })

If you want some object to be a particular size, assign or bind its desiredSize, not its maxSize.

Thank you. works fine.