Ignoring some links in Layout

Is it possible to set a link to be ignored by the layout of the nodes?

I basically have a diagram showing related areas. With links between.

I then add different colour links to indicate a relationship. I want to set these links to not effect the layout of the existing nodes and links.

Does anyone know how this can be achieved?

thanks for your suggestions



I found the line on how to do this in the intro doc.

If your graph structure is mostly tree-like, but you have a
few “extra” links that should be ignored for the purpose of deciding the tree
structure, you can set the Part.LayoutId attached property on those
links to be “None”.

For others, example:

Yes, that’s the simplest way.

There’s a more general way to do that, in case setting or data-binding that property isn’t practical. That is to customize how the layout creates its network consisting of vertexes (corresponding to Nodes) and edges (corresponding to Links).

So in your case you could construct your own TreeLayoutNetwork and have the TreeLayout work with that. But it sounds like you won’t need to do this.