IGoCollapsible handler

Hi All…

I have a Member node object.
I have added another node to the object to popultate some list on it.
Can i Apply 2 handlers +- and GoCollapsibleHandleStyle.ChevronUp
On the NodeParent to perform 2 types of the operation. On click of the 1)+- i want to expand the child list
2)GoCollapsibleHandleStyle.ChevronUp I what to show/hide the node1
Is there any other way or any example can satisfy my needs will be a great help

Sounds like you want 2 collapsible handles that do different things. Is that right? (A screenshot would help…)

I am Stuck on following requirement with the present view of the

1-For the last node there i am populating the member information i want a)I want a handler on the parentNode (Sonia (231)) if i click on it then only this will show "Member Information" I uncheck then this will hide "Member Information"
2-can The "Member information"
aset to lineargradient and width equals to parent width so when the drop downlist falls this should be aligned with the parent node.
3-I want to reduce the Gap of Text On the Link.

The IGoCollapsible interface only supports the notion of 1 collapsible button/action per node. So, you’ll just have to have a buttton that collapses/expands the member info and use IGoCollapsible for the other +/- button. Nothing that rules that out.

2. not sure what the question is here.
3. What alignment are you using?
2. not sure what the question is here.
Want to make Member List Aligned with Parent node.
3. What alignment are you using?
llnk.MidLabel = MakeText(lStringMakeText2)
Public Shared Function MakeText(ByVal s As String) As GoText
Dim t As GoText = New App.RotatedText() t.Alignment = GoObject.Middle t.Text = s t.Selectable = True t.Editable = False t.AutoResizes = False Return t End Function
Well, I don't know how you've put the parts together in this node, but it should be a simple matter of SetSpotLocation on the Member Info box to set it to a position relative to the blue rounded rect in your LayoutChildren.
I suspect the space in the link label is due to the fact that you're using Bezier. Try turning that off. If that's it, you'll have to override the LabeledLink's LayoutChildren if you want to continue using Bezier.
  1. You could try setting GoLabeledLink.MidLabelCentered = true.

But if you really want it to be offset a little bit, you’ll need to override GoLabeledLink.PositionMidLabel to set the text’s Location (or Position) as you wish, depending on how much space you want and the direction/angle it’s going at.

3-Thanks walter i am really thankfull for the help by setting GoLabeledLink.MidLabelCentered = true
Lables are now comming over the link.
override GoLabeledLink.PositionMidLabel Can u post any example or sample code help me in proceed.
Thanks once again.

Here’s the built in code

/// Move the MidLabel to an appropriate location near the middle of the link.

/// The label object.
/// The start point of the middle segment of the link.
/// The end point of the middle segment of the link.
protected virtual void PositionMidLabel(GoObject lab, PointF a, PointF b) {
PointF m = new PointF((a.X+b.X)/2, (a.Y+b.Y)/2);
int spot = Middle;
if (!this.MidLabelCentered) {
if (a.X < b.X) {
if (IsApprox(a.Y, b.Y))
spot = BottomCenter;
else if (a.Y < b.Y)
spot = BottomLeft;
spot = BottomRight;
} else {
if (IsApprox(a.Y, b.Y))
spot = TopCenter;
else if (a.Y < b.Y)
spot = TopLeft;
spot = TopRight;
lab.SetSpotLocation(spot, m);