IIS Memory usage

Hello everybody,
I have noticed a strange issue in the GoWeb library (GoView object).
I have realized that the memory allocated in the IIS process on every click event on a GoWeb object, is not released immediately. Consequently, the bigger the GoView object is, the larger amount of memory remains busy.
This can also be verified in one of Northwood samples, named “DEMO1”, clicking many times on the right side view.
Have anybody already found a workaround to solve this problem?
Thank you for your attention.

Yes, the GoView and its GoDocument are saved in session state.
<SPAN =“987261318-16122005”>This is necesssary for the image to be able to be generated for the separate reference, <SPAN =“987261318-16122005”>as well as for operating in a “NoPost” mode where no PostBacks are done.

Details are provided in the GoWebIntro.doc documentation file.