Image as node link

I want to know can we create link as image.If yes,how can we create it?

And i also wanted to know how to give path of an image in Goimage object.Property of nameuri is not working.
An I am also facing the problem in traversing a graph.Its not traversing.Does keywords like graphlink require any directive or assembly??
Thank u...
Can you post a drawing of what you are trying to do with "link as image"?
(use the "post reply" button at the top of the page to get an editor that allows you to upload an image)
From the Beatpaths sample, how to use NameIsUri
n = new GoIconicNode();
n.Initialize(null, "", name);
n.Image.NameIsUri = true;
n.Image.Name = "" + name + "_logo-50x50.png";
There is a section in the User Guide on traversing diagrams.

thanku 4 replying

Actualy i am making a project( in which i have to graphically connect all the rooms of building i.e to know the path from one room to another room .So i m assuming each room as a node and their path(which will be series of images) as link.
The code given in userguide is not working or i am interpreting it wrongly.
Traversing means showing the path from source node to destination node,if we know the nodes.but it is showing all the nodes whether it has path or not.
I am implemeting image but it is showing error(in browser){loading image.....check web.config<add verb="GET" path="gowebpage.amxd"
The code you provided is not working because of undefined symbol name(run time error).ihaven't understood the use of name

Ah. Node and links are good for building all kinds of graphs, but I’m not sure they are a good basis for a floor planning tool.

That’s not to say GoDiagram isn’t a good tool for what you want to do though. If you look at the Planogram sample, you’ll see GoDiagram being used for a layout problem without the use of nodes and links.

But computing and displaying a path through a 2D floorplan isn’t a problem we’ve provided in GoDiagram, that’s something you’ll have to do.

“name” in the code I provided happens to come from a list of football* team names. If you look at BeatPaths, you’ll see the context.

* football. Steelers, Patriots, Dolphins, etc. not soccer.