Image File Location

I would like to use
GoIconicNode.Initialize (ResourceManager res,
string iconname,
string name)

with both res=null and DefaultResourceManager=null. What is the proper file location, i.e. if
GoImage.DefaultResourceManager =null;
and I call GoIconicNode.Initialize (null, "rocket.ico","Rocket") where rocket.ico should be located so that GoIconicNode.Initialize could load it (I'm getting
GoImage.LoadImage: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: rocket.ico )
Thanks for your help.

I think the default is to look in the folder where the .exe is located.

Sorry, I did not mention that it is GoWeb application.

GoDiagram doesn’t do anything fancy – just the default behavior as for any code that might open files.

Check out the Control.TemplateSourceDirectory property and the Page.MapPath method.