Image resize


When an image is resized bigger, it looses its resolution. I thought of drawing the image manually and then the resise should work better, but I am not succeeding in this. Any ideas?


GoImage always draws its Image in full to the size needed. GoImage does not use a cached small size low resolution image that would look coarse when drawn larger due to the view’s DocScale or when printing at higher resolution.
In other words, GoImage.Paint is basically implemented as
g.DrawImage(this.Image, this.Bounds)
Graphics.DrawImage is responsible for stretching/compressing the image appropriately. If your image is a particular resolution, you may not have any choice but to live with the results if you draw it larger. Although you may try to use different InterpolationModes. To experiment with this you’ll need to override GoImage.Paint.


FYI, version 2.2 will include a new GoView.InterpolationMode property, so that you don’t need to override GoImage.Paint.