Implementing nodes in a Rack with TableLayout

I need to implement a group which is a rack (container) that holds network nodes in it
Like this :

I’ve tried to set the group layuout to TableLayout but the devices are not set in the place i put them.
They are located like this :

Please advise.

Are you sure you want to use a TableLayout or a GridLayout? If so, make sure the Group’s Placeholder is where the white area is.

I see,
In general, the devices should be “installed” in various rows, for example one device is installed in row 4 and the second in row 7 and so on.
This is the reason that i thought of table layout.
In Grid layout i don’t have control where each device will be put in the layout.
Am i right ?

Yes, I think that is correct from your point of view.

I suggest that you not use any Layout but use a Binding on the node’s “position” and automatically compute the Point based on what is in the data.

In fact,
While waiting to your first response, I tried to implement my solution using position binding without any layout.
Will do.