Import gojs/extensionsTS/DragZoomingTool create compilation error

I try to import gojs/extensionsTS/DragZoomingTool.
I have the following error

Can you help me to resolve this issue please ?

my code:
import {DragZoomingTool} from “gojs/extensionsTS/DragZoomingTool”;

dia.toolManager.mouseMoveTools.insertAt(2, new DragZoomingTool());

Which version of tsc are you using?
We’ll add override keyword in the future.
In the meantime, ignore the warning or disable

I use the version 2.2.15
I’m import the module from node_module throw a nodejs dependency.
Can you delivered an official version to fix this issue ?

Presumably that is the version of GoJS that you are using. I was asking about TypeScript compiler, but that must be >= 4.3.

You should copy that source file to your projectand add override yourself. You need to do that anyway in order to fix its import statement.