Inbuilt table with filter and pagination in GOJS

i am knew to GoJs and wanted to know if there is anything that can help me show my data in table format which will be giving me filter on its columns and pagination for table.
It would help me if i get inbuilt table component from GoJs to directly use in my application.
I am using Gojs 1.7 evaluation version on windows 7 platform.
Thanks in advance.

So do you actually want to create a diagram where at least one of the Nodes contains a table? You can find many examples of tables in nodes: GoJS Sample Diagrams for JavaScript and HTML, by Northwoods Software

If your data is basically row-oriented, as most tables are, you could make some columns not visible by setting their RowColumnDefinition.width to zero, and you could make some rows not visible by setting Panel.visible to false on the “TableRow” Panel.

“Table” Panels have no concept of pagination, so you would need to implement that yourself. Please read GoJS Panels -- Northwoods Software and GoJS Table Panels -- Northwoods Software and look at the samples that make use of “Table” Panels.