Include background image in saved bitmap

How can I include the background image as part of the bitmap generated for a view? I've looked at GetBitmapFromCollection(), however it does not treat the background as part of the view.

I suppose the easiest thing to do is to create a GoImage with the Control.BackgroundImage as the GoImage.Image, and then make sure that is the first object in the collection you pass to GetBitmapFromCollection.
An advantage of doing this in your application is that you will have control over the sizing and positioning of the background image, whereas you do not if you use Control.BackgroundImage. We implemented Control.BackgroundImage just to be a good Control, but it really isn’t as useful as it should be.
In fact, in the next release of GoDiagram, each GoView will have a second view layer created automatically–the GoView.BackgroundLayer–that you can use for this purpose, and that we will use for additional purposes too.

Thanks Walter!
That worked great.
Do you have an idea when the next release is going to be available? We could really use that new functionality.