Including a page title in GoLayoutLayeredDigraph

Hi Northwoods,
my project derives from GoLayoutLayeredDigraph
nodes are assigned layers.

I’ve been asked to include a title, something like a “GoComment” at position 0,0 , that basically says “this is for XYZ”

However, usually there is already a node in that position.

In the samples, usually the nodes are layed out 1st, then the GoComment added, but theres usually already a node at that position in GoLayoutLayeredDigraph (Direction = right).

I tried adjusting the Node’s Position property, to increase the “Y” value, but am unable to reposition the links, so the links get way-curvy.

Is there a simple way to add a title/text/header to a GoView , such
that the title/text always appears at 0,0? (more or less) , and the
other nodes are positioned around this title/text ?

e.g., something like an offset for all GoNodes (not GoObjects) ? or how can I reposition the GoLinks ?

It sounds like setting ArrangementOrigin will solve your problem.

thanks, next time I’ll review the layout’s manual pages, I was only looking thru the GoView and Document