Increasing width and height of table

The first image is before adding the seat and second image is after adding the seat.
Now i want to increase width of the table after adding the seat
i tried like this

myDiagram.findNodeForKey(keyId).add(Seat(sno, pos3, “0.5 1”, 0));
var nd = table.findObject(“TABLESHAPE”);
nd.desiredSize = new go.size(200, 40);
but still its not increasing table size
could you please tell me how to increase the width of the table after adding the seat

What happens? It seems to me that you should have gotten an error because of a typo.

after creating the nd obj it is showing error like “undefined is not a function”

Then how it is possible to resolve the error

Fix the typo – case matters in JavaScript.

Doesn’t the debugger that you are using point out where the error occurs?

Hi Walter,
Thanks for your suggestion