Incremental Json not working


Is there any link between the undo manager and the incremental json , everytime i set the undo manager is false , my incremental json doesnt give me any result.

my code :

myDiagram =
fg(go.Diagram, divId, {
initialContentAlignment: go.Spot.TopCenter,
position: new go.Point(0,0),
“animationManager.isEnabled”: false, //NO I18n
“undoManager.isEnabled”: false, //NO I18n
“maxSelectionCount”:1, //NO I18n
“allowClipboard”:false,//NO I18n
doubleClick: diagramDoubleClick,
“LinkReshaped”: function(e) { //NO I18n
e.subject.routing = go.Link.Orthogonal;

my incremental json code :slight_smile:

myDiagram.model.addChangedListener(function(e) {
if (e.isTransactionFinished) {
var json = myDiagram.model.toIncrementalJson(e);

when undomanager is set to false , i always get {Incremental:0}

That is correct. If the UndoManager is not recording ChangedEvents, there are no incremental sets of changes to write.