Input Event Simulation in Unit Test

Hi all,

Is it possible to simulate input event in angular unit test?

I understand that Robot.js can be used for simulating input event when we run whole application in browser.

However, does Robot.js still work for unit test?


What unit tests do you want to run?

You can certainly do a lot programmatically, manipulating Nodes and Links and Groups. Most of our regression tests are written this way.


We would like test several input event handler, such as Changedselection, LinkDrawn, etc.

Could you please point me to some regression test example? That will be very helpful.


    // initialize the Diagram normally
    var diagram = ...;

    // add nodes and links
    . . .

    // setup the test
    var robot = new Robot(diagram);  // this can be reused for multiple tests involving this Diagram
    var listener = function(e) {
      assert(e.diagram.selection.count === 1, "should be one selected Part in ChangedSelection event");

    // do the test
    assert(diagram.selection.count === 0);
    diagram.addDiagramListener("ChangedSelection", listener);
    var pt = new go.Point(12, 12);  // or wherever a Node should be given the above initialization
    assert(diagram.findPartAt(pt, true) === diagram.findNodeForKey(...));
    robot.mouseDown(pt.x, pt.y, 0);
    robot.mouseUp(pt.x, pt.y, 200);
    diagram.removeDiagramListener("ChangedSelection", listener);

@walter Thank you! We will try that.