InputEvent.clickCount continues increment for Left Mouse Click on IE - Windows 2012 Server


We are seeing an issue where the InputEvent.clickCount property continually increments (well past 1) if we click the left mouse button (assuming a right handed mouse). We are using the PolygonDrawing tool and the addPoint function is failing on the bold if statement in the code segment below. We do not see this issue when running Internet Explorer on a Windows 7 machine.

// a new temporary end point, the previous one is now “accepted”
if (!this.diagram.lastInput.left) { // e.g. right mouse down
} else if (this.diagram.lastInput.clickCount > 1) { // e.g. double-click

Some versions of IE have a bug in their MouseEvent.detail. That bug is such a problem that event.detail continues to increment, even if you reload the page.

If you reload the page and inspect the value of clickCount again, does the count keep going up? If so, its related to this bug and we’ll see what we can do. We have a workaround internally in GoJS, but maybe we missed a scenario.

If you reload the page and the value of clickCount is back at zero or one, then maybe it’s something else.

Simon. I will get back to you and let you know. Thanks.

It does not clear the click count when you leave and come back to the page

I see. I have some questions about your environment, but for the sake of privacy we will continue this via email. Expect mail from gojs at

Sounds good. Thanks

1.6.17 has been released, fixing this: GoJS version 1.6.17