Insert Graphic as a svg image in Word

Hello Support Team
we export the diagram as a svg image, when i insert it (svg image) into Microsoft
Word, some shapes have black color

I analyzed the svg format and at one point it was the fill attribute set on trasnpaerst, I changed it manually to none then it worked.
see Appendix.

Hmmm, I think all browsers work with “transparent”, but maybe some apps like Word don’t. We’ll look into this. Thanks for the bug report.

This seems to be an issue with Word. In the modern CSS specification (and I assume SVG), "transparent" is equivalent to "rgba(0,0,0,0)", and you may wish to use that instead if you need to support older programs.

we found a solution by replacing all fill=‘transparent’ by fill=‘none’ in SVG-grafics
This works for MS-Word versions which don’t support ‘transparent’.
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