Inspector part

First, I am a Korean.
Please understand i don’t speak English well
In the example, I think I want to come out.
However, coming out in the form of debugging.
What should i do now
A detailed description, please.
thank you.

[ Now ]

link rel=STYLESHEET href=“common/css/Inspector.css”/>
link rel=STYLESHEET href=“common/css/jquery-ui.css”/>
link rel=STYLESHEET href=“common/css/spectrum.css”/>

script src=“common/js/go_ori.js”>
script src=“common/js/Inspector.js”>
script src=“common/js/jquery.js”>
script src=“common/js/jquery-ui.min.js”>
script src=“common/js/spectrum.js”>
script src=“common/js/ExtendedBrush.js”>

div id=“myInfo” class=“inspector”

var inspector = new Inspector(‘myInfo’, myDiagram,
properties: {
“text”: {},
“key”: { readOnly: true, show: Inspector.showIfPresent },
“color”: { type: ‘color’ }

[Desired shape]

Have you looked at the DataInspector in the most recent versions of GoJS?

The original inspector code was getting too complicated because we were trying to make it useful in different situations.

So we renamed the old inspector the DebugInspector and created a new simpler DataInspector for editing data properties.

The modified part is not
Is a screen when the Data Inspector.js and css.
Screen is not displayed.
What should i do now.

[ Reference ]

Are you looking at ? I can see the three inspectors in every browser that I try.

iI’ve used in the reference.
dataInspector.html & css & js
Only three files were used.
Do not modify. ctrl+c,v…
However, it does not go out screen.

I’m sorry, but I cannot tell what you have that is different from what is in .

Have you tried it in a different browser or on a different machine?

There is experience using other browsers. ex) IE, Chrome, Firefox
inspector part does not come out.
But what was only copy.
Do not fix it.

It was less on the example that was used.
Please fill in if you have the required example than perhaps

Earnestly it was used only three files.


I’m sorry, but I need very detail explanation

I still do not understand the problem. Are you saying that when you visit you do not see any “inspector” HTML panels?

Each “inspector” just consists of a <table> with a varying number of table rows in it. So I do not understand how you could not be seeing such HTML in

[ now display ]

[ I want display ]

source code is same.
but selected part, first node’s data, model.modelData don’t appear.
How should i do.

inspector.js (not dataInspector.js) execute debug mode.

but dataInspector.js is blank. do not execute.
if any need to add more, please explain.

I’m sorry.
I used google translator. so please consider about it.
thank you.

So you are using go-debug.js, as we recommend during development?

Have you examined all of the console output to fix any errors that you see there?

It was in the previous version


Thank you