Intersecting links (Like Visio "Jumps")?

Is there a built in mechanism that shows when a link is intersecting with another one? In Visio there is a “Connector Jump”.
If not, how hard will it be to implement it by my self? How should be done?
Yuval Naveh

This is probably difficult to implement yourself. The good news is that it has already been implemented for the next release.

It just occurred to me that I can easily make another new sample application available early, one that displays “jump-overs”:
Besides showing the results of setting GoStroke.Style to GoStrokeStyle.RoundedLineWithJumpOvers, this sample application also animates the links by continually changing the Pen dash pattern, draggable LinkLabels (as well as draggable node labels), ports that change appearance as a link is connected, a mode for moving a port around on the iconic node, and “remote connectors”, where a link is split into two labeled parts. Use the context menu on links and ports to get various commands.