Invalid overview

If there is animation inside the diagram, the overview is not displayed.


using v2.1.30

Yes, as documented at, Overviews do not show animations.

So trying to enable the Overview.animationManager won’t work.

If so, is it that the diagram with animation cannot be viewed through overview??

That is correct – for performance reasons animations are intentionally not shown in Overviews.

If you do try to turn on the AnimationManager as you have done, I’m not sure what happens, but such a situation is not supported.

There is animation inside the diagram, but is there any way to see the diagram excluding animation in overview?

What do you mean? While there is one (or more) Overviews observing a Diagram, the diagram will still show any animations in it. It’s just that the overview won’t update during an animation.

For example, assuming that there are two nodes (A, B) in the diagram, there is animation in node A and no animation in node B. What would the overview look like in this case?

Are only B nodes excluding A node displayed on the overview?

The overview will show the state of the diagram as if there were no running animations. I just tried it with both default animations (such as due to a layout) and with custom animations (I took an example from )

Apparently with default animations the Overview will show the final state right away. With custom animations the Overview updates at the end of the animation.

Thanks for your answer!