iPad Air: Diagam frozen after switching to home screen and back

On an iPad Air, I open the goJS sample. Everything works as expected.
Now when I use a gesture to go the the home screen and then open the Browser with the goJS sample again, I am not able to interact with the diagram.I cannot move nor select nodes. The rest of the website (i.e. not the anvas stuff) still works.
Same behaviour in our Cordova app.

See here example from the iPad Simulator:

Thanks, we’ll have a look.

Is it happening on every sample, or only Flowchart?

For example, do you see the same problem here: Kanban Board

It doesn’t happen for the Kanban board.
It seems to happen if the canvas is larger than the current viewport or quite close to the bottom of the page (probably it has to do with where the touch event ends?)

If I use the Flowchart while the tablet is in portrait mode, it doesn’t happen either.

I can also reproduce it here in landscape, but not in portrait:

So far this is pretty baffling, but we’ll keep experimenting and see if we can narrow it down. Thanks for pointing it out.

I’ve uploaded a 2.2.19a version (not a release) with a potential fix. Could you try it out and tell me if you can still reproduce it? It may also be worth testing in your own app.

Example flowchart: https://gojs.net/2.2.19a/samples/flowchart.html
The library: https://gojs.net/2.2.19a/release/go.js

Thanks for the quick action.
The fix seems to work! I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with the 2.2.19a example flowchart.

Thanks for the confirmation. We’ll release 2.2.20 probably some time next week. Is this a blocking issue for your product?

We have a release planned for Wednesday. It is not blocking our release but if available until then, I’d upgrade to 2.2.20

Hi, any update on the release date?

We may be able to later today.

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We’re still investigating something else, so the release won’t be today after all.

We have just released 2.2.20, which fixes this issue.

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