Is GoLink on GoSubGraph always straight?

I set the link prototype to be one of Bezier style. For nodes, the links are Bezier, but for GoSubGraph, they are straight. How can I still use Bezier links for GoSubGraph?

Do your subgraphs have a GoSubGraph.Port, and that is what your Bezier-style links are connected to, on both ends? How large are those ports?

Perhaps it's just a matter of making sure that the GoPort.FromSpot and .ToSpot have values that are NoSpot. But that depends on what you are actually doing, since I'm just guessing.

Basically, I used almost the same code as the CustomSubGraph in the SubGraphApp example.

In CustomSubGraph, the Port always has the same size as the SubGraph, so the Port size is not an issue. However, even after setting the FromSpot and ToSpot to values other than NoSpot, such as Middle, MiddleLeft, the links are still straight.
If you check the code in Form1.cs in the example, you will find
private void goView1_LinkCreated(object sender, Northwoods.Go.GoSelectionEventArgs e)
GoLink l = e.GoObject as GoLink;
if (l != null) {
l.ToArrow = !(l.ToNode is MultiPortSubGraphPort);
l.Style = GoStrokeStyle.Bezier;

So all the links in the example should be Bezier, but actually they are not.
Could you please check the CustomSubGraph in the SubGraphApp example, and make the links from SubGraph to SubGraph and SubGraph to GoNode (vice versa) Bezier?
Many thanks!!!

CustomSubGraph.Port is implemented to be a CustomSubGraphPort, which inherits from GoBoxPort.

You'll note that the links from CustomSubGraph.Port to CustomSubGraph.Port already are curved, as you would expect.
If you change the CustomSubGraphPort constructor to set:
this.FromSpot = NoSpot;
this.ToSpot = NoSpot;
you will see that links between a CustomSubGraphPort and GoBasicNode.Port is also curved.
You might want to initialize each link's AdjustingStyle property.