Is it any sample to Convert GoXam code to GoJs

Hi Guys,

I am quite new in GoJs , and i want to understand how GoXam Code will work on GoJs

Although when i was exploring both having identical Api

is is possible to provide me Compare Sample based on goxam and gojs

our scenario is to just convert goxam source code to gojs and tests the flow as it was before

Many of the GoXam samples were ported to GoJS when we first implemented GoJS. However more recently we have made changes in order to improve the styling of the samples, something that we explicitly avoided in GoXam.

This might be informative: Converting GoXam to GoJS Note that that post is from 4 years ago – GoJS has matured since then.

is there any step by step guide available so that i had got some reference of it?

my old Code was based on goXam with WPF , how i can achieve same using goJS

The biggest change involves moving from a desktop application to a web application. That does not involve GoXam or GoJS, so we cannot help you there.

I assume you are very familiar with WPF, is that correct? So if you are not already fluent in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, you’ll need to learn those first.

I suggest that you learn GoJS by reading and then all of the Introduction pages that apply to the kind of app that you are porting: As you learn GoJS you will see how the overall design is similar to GoXam and WPF, although the details are different.