Is it possible to add group icon in Palette?

I need to add group icon in Palette, if You will drag that group icon into diagram area it will act like group, we can add icons to that group and delete icons from group, dragging and dropping everything act like group. is it possible?

Yes, that should just work.

You could even do things such as automatically expand a dropped group and ungroup it to leave a subgraph. This is demonstrated in

but in this example we con’t add nodes to group. i need to create group like this sample
but here is grouping done by ctrl+g, but i dont want like that, if you drag that group icon into drawing area it will form group,functionality as same as above regrouping link. is it possible?

I’m sorry, but it isn’t clear to me what you want and what you have tried. Could you provide several small screenshots or sketches that show the sequence of what you want users to be able to do, plus what model data structures are created and modified?

Ok, lets see this screenshot,

in this screen shot last icon is the group , if i drop that group icon into drawing area. it will act like about regrouping sample.

I understood that part. I do not understand what you want to happen when the user drops it in the target Diagram. How is what you want different from the default behavior? What happens when they drop it in the background? What happens when they drop it on an existing node? What happens when they drop it on an existing group?

I need to do like this

What did you try first? What happens when you do the minimal work to put a Group in the Palette and use the same Diagram.groupTemplateMap in both the Palette and the main Diagram?

How is this not what you want?