Is it possible to add watermark to Gojs diagram?

I have requirement to add watermark to diagram. i searched so many links but i didn’t find any answer. is it possible to add water mark to Diagram?

Yes, either use an Image as the background of the diagram’s DIV element, or add a Part holding a Picture in the “Grid” Layer at a specific position.

Is there any sample for this?

I need to Display Text as Watermark

like this image

I would just set that as the background for the DIV element. Nothing to do with GoJS.

Actually i have a calender…when i will change the date in calender…those date in watermark have to change…

Oh, so you want this background to be dynamic, not a static image?
You could regenerate that background image on demand. And you could even create that image via Diagram.makeImage, using a Part holding a bunch of TextBlocks at various GraphObject.positions.

thats looking a good idea walter…i am trying it…

Can someone show the code of the solution mentioned above? Thank you!

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