Is it possible to connect multiple chart in production editor

I want to draw a large diagram using production editor but I don’t want to congest in a single diagram, I would like to draw each segment separately so that I need to create a link between those segment, Is that possible with production Editor.

Ex:- I am having a plan with 3 zones, I would like to show only three icons while clicking any of those icons my graph has to re-render with particular zone plan.

Maybe. Could you please show a sequence of small screenshots demonstrating what you want?

Is it possible to implement regrouping concept in production editor
It is very helpful to manage larger diagrams and clubbing some elements in to a single group.

If possible kindly help with some example code

Yes, you can support nested groups and dynamic regrouping in your app. That Regrouping sample demonstrates one way you could – the code is all there on that page.