Is it possible to restrict the zoom in/out for particular node?


I need to restrict the zoom-in for node till diagram bounds(diagram border) and other nodes and links has to be zoom-in with diagram panel scale. I am using GoXam and WPF.

For Example: Please find the attachment

The above attachment
1.Blue color border is diagram border
2.Black color border node is rectangle.It has to zoom till diagram bounds(border)
3.The remain nodes and links , which are available inside the rectangle node has to be increase (zoom-in) with “DiagramPanel.Scale” and Scroll Bars are enable for rectangle node to view the inside nodes and link.

Is it possible?

If it is ,Please provide the solution, not give me the reason.


I don’t understand what you want that is different from the normal behavior of setting DiagramPanel.Scale.

Is it only the black rectangle that you want to keep having the same appearance, even though the other nodes and links are scaled and scrolled? If so, why not make the Diagram smaller, and set its border to be the black rectangle?

Also, consider the section in the GoXamIntro.pdf document about “Decorative Elements and Unbound Nodes”.

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