Is it possible to specify the minimum separation between lines

Is it possible to specify the minimum seperation between lines on the central portion. i can see that the seperation of the end portions and ports are governed by the size of the node, but i cant see if there is a default seperation for the middle parts of the lines?

The default link routing only depends on the two connected nodes – it does not know about any other nodes or links. (Well, AvoidsNodes routing does know about other nodes, but that won’t help you with your concerns.)

What you want would require some global routing knowledge, and GoXam does not offer that. Sorry.

Sorry Walter - maybe this makes it clearer as there was too many shapes in the previous snip

its the seperation between the middle portions of the lines that we want to increase , such that the text block is not obscured by other lines. e.g. the horizontal seperation between the points circled in red . it appears to be computed as its consistent, just not far enough apart for us

No, I’m sorry again, but that number is hard-coded in the Route class.