Is there a node.portObjectName similar to node.locationObjectName

Question: Is there a means to specify a part to be nominated as the target for link ports of a node. Meaning links to the node connect at ports as locations defined as Spots of a sub-part and not to the node itself.

Scenario: I have a node constructed as a table panel with 3 columns. Each column is a Panel.Auto with parts within. I require the links to and from this node to start/terminate at the edges of the part in the centre column of the node. I have a part.Rectangle in that panel. Ideally there would be a node.portObjectName nomination option in a similar way to that for node.locationObjectName, node.resizeObjectName and node.rotateObjectName. I would set this to the name of the part.Rectangle and any links would then connect to the ports on that part and NOT to the main node rectangle in a similar way to how use of node,locationObjectName redefines the location instructions within a node…

Is there such a property ?

If no such property, should I rethink my table node as a group in which case I believe I shall overcome the linking to the middle node issue ?


I’m not sure you want just a single port or multiple ones within your node, but this page covers the possibilities:

Note that the Part…Name properties all help refer to a single object. For example, there can be only one “location” for a Part. Because there can be multiple ports within a node, it does not make sense for there to be a Node.portObjectName property.

Yep saw that. I get that I can define ports at any location. I think the issue I have is placing the ports because I am using a table layout with columns where the left and right column have unpredictable width because they contain textBoxes. Any advice ?

ok - my bad. I had overlooked that I should be attaching the parts that are ports onto my middle-column panel.