Is there a version for Angular 2?

Hi there,

we are using GoJs for our AngularJs application until now and we was more than happy with it.
as we are refactoring everything in Angular 2 I was wondering if there is a version that can be used in Angular 2 (RC5 + for now).

This is crucial for us to keep using it and I hope there is something from you guys, i just couldn’t found more details in the website github etc.


I don’t know enough about Angular 2 to say, but I don’t forsee any issues.

GoJS does not rely on any other libraries to function, so as long as you are able to include arbitrary JavaScript in your framework, you ought to be able to use GoJS.

Well I think that some documentation should be introduce if so, because otherwise it’s quite an issue.

What is quite an issue?

Well the answer to my question.

Is there a working example out there?

We haven’t had the time to learn yet another new framework.

But I know that a lot of programmers are using GoJS with Angular 2, because we frequently get questions where it is apparent that they are using it without any fundamental integration problems.

I see, so I’m guessing I have to find out some help on SO and not in the place we bought it.


Sorry about that, but we cannot be expert in everything that does not involve GoJS. We did provide a sample using AngularJS, after all.

We could help you more if you had a very specific code question that is keeping you from having your app work in AngularJS 2. You’ll need that anyway if you want to ask StackOverflow.