Is there a way to change the cursor while a node is being dragged?

I am unable to find an example or documentation to specify the cursor, while a node or group member is being dragged. This also seems to be the case for a new link being drawn, or an existing link being relinked, by dragging. Basically I am unable to find a way to specify the cursor, while the drag is in progress.

For the links, I was able to set the cursor in the function for diagram.toolManager.relinkingTool.linkValidation, but I have had no luck with the nodes, using either dragEnter or Group.MemberValidation.

If the cursor is set in the dragEnter method, it does temporarily change to the one I specify, but then reverts to the default.

Even for the links, even though I seemed to have achieved what I desired, I feel what I did is a hack.

I would appreciate any tips, or to be guided to the relevant documentation.


This is documented for some tools, such as at LinkingTool | GoJS API.

Basically I think you could override doActivate and doDeactivate to call the super method and then set Diagram | GoJS API to your choice in doActivate and to the empty string in doDeactivate.